Headlines: August 8th, 2000

Internet users all over the UK are now able to do their bit to provide deserving charities with IT services and equipment, as the virtual doors of the Computers for Charities website are thrown open to the public.The site at www.computersforcharities.co.uk, was initially conceived and developed by Computer Shopper magazine, and is sponsored by Microsoft, AMD and Life Software. Negotiations are continuing with other potential sponsors and it is hoped that the site will eventually provide deserving causes with everything from hardware to application software and Internet access.

The initiative was launched because many charities, especially the smaller ones and those which are starting up, find that purchasing and setting up IT equipment eats into their limited budgets.

Each of the sponsors pledges to donate a minimum value of goods and services. This value then increases depending on the number of visitors which the site attracts. Only one click per visitor, per day is registered, but visitors can maximise their contribution by visiting the site and clicking the ‘Donate’ button on a daily basis.

To date, the Computers for Charities campaign has received requests for equipment and services from 17 charitable organisations. Work has already begun on fulfilling the first of these requests and it is hoped that details of the initial beneficiaries will be posted on the site within the next two to three weeks. Charities which would like to benefit from this initiative can find details of how to apply on the site.