Headlines: August 23rd, 2000

A piece of evaluation which will be under close scrutiny today (Wednesday, August 22) may offer some insight to others in the public sector charged with a similar, if less high profile a task. The National Lottery Commission’s decision today follows several months of assessing the merits of the two bidders for the next licence: Camelot, the existing licence holders, or Richard Branson’s People’s Lottery bid.The commission’s evaluation involved consideration of over 9,000 pages and 2 million words of written material. It carried out over 360 checks on individuals and about 100 on corporations, involving approximately 3500 agency checks on individuals and 300 checks on corporations. Neither bidder is a single entity, but comprised of a consortia of several different operations handling each area of expertise. The commission’s evaluation team included outside experts in information technology, economic and financial regulation, marketing strategy, business development , accounting and corporate finance . The commission also drew on its own legal advisors.

The commission has met both bidders separately on several occasions, in day long presentations, on-site demonstrations of technology, plus detailed meetings over specific technical aspects, detailed questions both in writing and at site visits. Information about the evaluation is available from the commission’s website: http://www.natlotcomm.gov.