Headlines: August 30th, 2000

The Partners for Study Support scheme has been launched to boost children’s motivation and build their self-confidence through activities such as writing a community newsletter or taking part in environmental work. . Out of school activities help raise achievement back in the classroom and prepare pupils for the world of work.Some140 public, private and voluntary sector organisations will work in partnership with 345 schools to support 130 projects. Young people will get the chance to take part in new sports, stage drama productions, record music, create their own museum exhibits, explore archaeological digs, learn conservation skills and design fashion outfits through the projects, which offer a range of experiences not always available at school.

The scheme will support the growing trend to provide study support activities. A recent MORI survey found more than two-thirds of schools have increased the provision of out of school hours learning activities in the last two years. A typical primary pupil now spends nearly two hours a week taking part in out of school hours activities and a secondary pupil three hours a week