Headlines: September 4th, 2000

The Department for Environment, Transport & Regions has put out a plea to everyone who works in an office to do their bit to save the environment. The initiative supports other environmental messages and activities of the Energy Saving Trust, Going for Green, and other partner organisations, local authorities and business.The campaign’s key messages focus on four areas: showing how individuals can reduce local pollution by changing their travel habits; fight global warming climate change by using energy efficiently; conserve water; and reduce waste. Examples of waste include: leaving a PC monitor switched on for one hour when it is not needed wastes enough energy to print 61.5 pages. Leaving a photocopier on overnight wastes enough energy to laser print 800 copies of A4 paper. In all it is estimated that 20% of energy used in offices in the UK is wasted. This is sufficient to make an extra 1.6 billion cups of tea every week.

More information about how you can “do your bit” for the environment can be obtained from the DETR consumer hotline 0345 868686 or www.doingyourbit.org.uk  or www.useitagain.org.uk .