Headlines: September 12th, 2000

Two thirds of parents responding to a survey recognised they have a role to play in helping their children to learn. Many feel unsure about how to help. The Department for Education and Employment has launched an initiative to remedy the situation and bring more parents into the learning process.A new package of materials will open up the secrets of the curriculum and give parents an insight into what is going on in school. In addition to the National Curriculum Guide, there are books for parents of nursery, primary and secondary children showing what their child is learning at school and why. There is also a new, free magazine ‘Parents & Schools’ with practical advice as well as leaflets on favourite school topics.

Next week, (18-22 September) is Parents Online Week. It is designed to help parents discover the best educational resources on the internet www.parentsonline.dfee.gov.uk  .

Jacqui Smith MP, Schools Minister, takes part in the first Virtual Parents Evening tonight, 13 September 2000. From 18.45-19.15. She will be live online at www.bbc.co.uk/educationnews  to answer parents questions about their child’s education.