Headlines: September 25th, 2000

Hospitals and health services in Scotland will see a fairer distribution of resources over the next five years – without any losing out. The Health Minister Susan Deacon has announced that new money will be injected into the NHS in Scotland to meet the findings of the Arbuthnott review – “Fair Shares For All” – on the fairer distribution of resources. That will enable investment in areas of need, without the need to siphon off money from those areas seen to be relatively better off.On average, all health boards will receive a 6.5 per cent cash increase – more than twice the rate of inflation. Some will receive further money to increase the investment in those areas which need it, such as Glasgow, for deprivation, and the Highlands, for tackling the delivery of care over remote areas. The 12 million pounds announced to meet with the recommendations of the Arbuthnott review come on top of a general announcement of funding levels for Scotland, which will see more that four hundred million pounds more money available for health spending in Scotland next year compared with this.