Headlines: October 6th, 2000

The Government has just launched, in partnership with the US – TeacherNet – the first official one-stop gateway to the internet for teachers.It includes a smart search system to cut through the web and deliver the best materials for teachers, and an A-Z of School Leadership and Management with up-to-the-minute legal, management and career development information.

The system also gives headteachers an electronic in-tray system that cuts down on paperwork.

TeacherNet is a venture that aims to become a forum for international exchange of good practice.

It will operate on a one-stop online shop approach, linked with a range of other sites, such as the popular Standards Site that helps with lesson planning, and the newly-updated Superhighway Safety web site that includes tips on internet safety. The site should also cut down time spent registering for various sites, as it is being developed to become a smart site that gets rid of the need to register and enter passwords for each site visited.

Link: www.teachernet.gov.uk

Also, for the first time more than 50 per cent of secondary teachers have their own email address – a substantial rise from 1998 when just 9 per cent had email access.

The latest figures show the Education Department well on target to reach its aim of 75 per cent of teachers with their own email addresses by 2002.