Headlines: October 11th, 2000

Readers of the November issue of the Women’s magazine ‘Good Housekeeping’ will be able to read about how they can make the most of their lives. Opportunities to improve and fulfil their potential are set out in articles such as the World of Work, On-line for the Future, Fit for Life and Learning Every Day. These articles, and others which deal with key issues that effect women at home and in the workplace, are contained in Voices, a 68 page supplement to the magazine.The raw information on which the supplement is based comes from the Women’s Unit in the Cabinet Office and traditionally it would have been published in a report bought from the Stationery Office, or left on the shelf. Through a partnership arrangement with Good Housekeeping the editorial skills of the magazine have been used to make the message readable and interesting. Graphic design flair and printing facilities have also contributed to produce an attractive product.

The 60,000 readers of Good Housekeeping who receive the magazine by post will also get a free copy of Voices. For the remaining 2 million readers who buy copies from bookstalls they will have to get Voices from libraries, Citizen’s Advice Bureaux, Further Education colleges and council offices.