Headlines: October 18th, 2000

Three pioneering urban regeneration companies have had their progress approved in a new report.The three pilot companies in Liverpool, East Manchester and Sheffield were set up following the call by Lord Rogers’ Urban Task Force for action to rejuvenate urban areas.

They are part of the Government’s urban renaissance drive, and their experiences are highly likely to filter into the detail of next month’s Urban White Paper.

The evaluation report was produced by Michael Parkinson from the European Institute for Urban Affairs at Liverpool John Moores University and Brian Robson from the Centre for Urban Policy Studies at Manchester. It identifies the benefits the Companies are already bringing to their areas – while identifying the very challenging roles they have taken on.

The regeneration companies are aimed at large, strategically important, areas within the three cities – the city centre in Liverpool and Sheffield and a large tract of run-down, former industrial, East Manchester. The pilots are now reaching the stage where they can start to deliver on their strategies – bringing investment plans together from across the public and private sectors and promoting their areas to attract new investment.

The positive report will be welcome by Government, which may need to give added impetus to the topic. Urban regeneration was targeted by the Conservatives at their recent party conference as an area where there might be votes from voters who think not enough is happening.

Link: www.regeneration.detr.gov.