Headlines: October 26th, 2000

Leadership is lacking in moving public services towards e-government. This is the claim made by EURIM – the European Infomatics Market, an industry- Parliament lobby group. The Group’s report, A Shock to the System – Joined up Electronic Government, is critical of progress made in developing e-government. The public sector is viewed as ‘change resistant’The Group believes that the fundamental change in the way IT is used, which is an aim of the March 1999 White Paper on Modernising government, has not happened. It attributes this to a leadership failure to influence attitudes and thinking and urges that a cabinet level minister should be given the task of driving e-government.

The report identifies issues which need to be addressed for e-government to succeed. The ‘silo mentality’ or ‘stovepipe thinking’ , where the vision is limited by the boundaries of the organisation, is seen as a major constraint. There is a call for acceleration of the culture change towards cross boundary thinking and working, supported by secondments, particularly between local and central government. The procurement processes are also seen as a barrier to change because they do not match modern business practices.

Link: www.eurim.org/briefings/BR29FD.html