Headlines: November 3rd, 2000

The Intelligence and Security Committee’s annual report outlines the further efforts made by the committee during the year to make the agencies providing these services more accountable.It has raised concern over GCHQ’s New Accommodation Programme, described as the most complex construction and relocation exercise undertaken by Government. The report highlights the scale of the challenges that the programme presents, together with the range of high risks that could affect successful completion. The committee believes that the whole project will require careful management to achieve its targets, despite a greatly increased budget.

The committee has also rebuked the government for its tardiness in enabling all agency staff to have the right to access employment tribunals. The ‘rules of procedure’ for tribunals which would cover staff employed on national security projects have only just been drafted, nearly six months late.

Copies of the Intelligence and Security Committee Annual Report 1999-2000 are available from The Stationery Office (0870 600 5522): Cm 4897, at 8.75 pound