Headlines: November 7th, 2000

The latest survey of schools with Internet connection reveals that 88% of primary schools and 99% of secondary schools are now connected. There has also been progress in replacing out of date equipment and high specification computers now account for 75% of school stock. The findings also show improvements in IT infrastructure and in IT training for teachers. The survey was carried out by the British Educational Suppliers Association.Market research by Kable (www.kable.com) shows that nearly half a million personal computers have been installed by local councils. Metropolitan authorities have the largest installed base, 104,200, followed by the London boroughs with 94,153.

Although technology is advancing, turning it into practical benefits is moving more slowly. A survey by Metastorm (www.metastorm.com) found that two thirds of councils believe that they are below target for putting all services on line by 2005. The reasons given for the slippage were inadequate funding, lack of direction, skills shortage and problems of cultural change.