Headlines: November 8th, 2000

Parents, teachers, employers and others are being given the opportunity to say what they want from educational research. The National Educational Research Forum, an independent group set up in 1999 to provide strategic direction for educational research nationally, has published a draft strategy for consultation.Educational research has a poor image. Key customers frequently see it as irrelevant. Many people are concerned that research has been driven by commercial gain or distorted by a Government agenda. The result is uncertainty about what to believe.

The Forum’s proposals outline how parents, employers, researchers and pupils can influence the direction of resources and contribute to deciding what should be researched. Ways are also proposed to improve the quality of educational research and develop ideas for ensuring that everyone has better access to research evidence.

The Forum believes that the strategy will lead to the provision of the best evidence that people can rely on and trust and that it will show what works and what doesn’t.

The consultation document Research and Development for Education: A National Strategy Consultation Paper is available from nerf@prolog.uk.com