Headlines: November 13th, 2000

A Cabinet Office team is looking for ways to cut the time GPs spend on paperwork so that they can spend more time improving the service. The team, which had a modest success earlier in the year with cutting forms for the police, has interviewed general practitioners and other stakeholders.An advisory panel has been set up to provide professional expertise to enable the team to prioritise the areas to be tackled and to give advice from the patient’s perspective. The aim is to simplify or remove some of the 63 forms which GPs have to complete and to find alternative ways of dealing with the information. The advisory panel is made up from GPs, the Patients Association, Department of Health, a Primary Care Group the Small Practices Association and the NHS Alliance.

The BMA in welcoming the project said that GPs constantly have to contend with excessive and onerous paperwork burdens and anything that can be done to reduce this burden will be of great benefit to the profession and the public they serve.