Headlines: November 17th, 2000

Higher Education has been promised a near ten per cent rise in Government funding over the next three years.It will support modernisation and expansion of the higher education sector, and cover pay and equality measures negotiated by the universities themselves.

It’s the first real increase in funding per student since the 1980’s. The effects will be felt immediately, with higher education institutions able to recruit an additional 45,000 students next year. Further expansion is planned in the following two years to make steady progress towards the goal that half of all young people should benefit from higher education.

The thrust of the new spending is aimed at expanding vocational programmes, particularly for those who want to study part time whilst in work.

New foundation degrees will be available through the workplace, as well as in institutions. Partnerships are being developed by employers and the education sector that will learn just before Christmas whether their scheme has won approval to go ahead.