Headlines: November 24th, 2000

The first regional development plan to follow a new, more inclusive and robust process has just been published for an area of England.Regional Planning Guidance (RPG) for East Anglia – including the dynamic Cambridge sub-region – comes just days after Stephen Byers expressed concerns that some areas of England might be lagging behind in the digital revolution (Publicnet Briefing, Wednesday, November 22, 2000)

East Anglia is clearly not one of them – the pressure here is how to manage the massive growth of a research and technology based economy while still protecting the environment.

It is the first RPG to be completed under new regionally based procedures and is only published after testing at a public examination with an independent panel.

It provides a long term planning framework for the East of England Development Agency’s Regional Strategy

It explores the capacity of Cambridge, possible urban extensions, a possible new town, and the future of the area’s market towns

The report can be accessed on the Government Office for the Eastern Region at www.go-east.gov.uk