Headlines: December 11th, 2000

Liverpool City Council will launch one stop shops, media kiosks and a call centre, Liverpool Direct, early next year to give better access to council services. The initiative is based on a 500 million pounds partnership deal with BT that will put all the council’s facilities on line. The joint venture will initially concentrate on delivering services such as revenues and benefits, customer relationship management, web-based personnel and payroll, and ICT business services.This initiative follows similar announcements about large scale networks by Leeds and Nottingham City councils. A senior local government official said that the risk inherent in powerful networks was that authorities would put all hard copy documents such as telephone directories and circulars on line resulting in information overload. Benefits beyond those set out in the business case are achievable through a structured approach to knowledge management. A spokesperson for Publicnet confirmed there had been a sudden upturn in enquiries from councils about using Publicnet Briefing on intranets.