Headlines: December 12th, 2000

A new project by one of London’s biggest hostel providers aims to help solve the combined problems of people who have nowhere to live and who also misuse drugs or alcohol.By being based in a hostel for the homeless, the project aims to be in the right place at the right time for a group which contains a large percentage with these kind of problems.

Based at Aldgate Hostel, Whitechapel and run by Look Ahead, a major care and re-housing service in the South East, the unit provides space for a specialist team for 14 to work with rough sleepers. In this way services are easily accessible by a group that is being targeted by the Government’s Rough Sleepers Unit (RSU)

The RSU is challenged with reducing the numbers of homeless people sleeping rough by two thirds by 2002. Drugs and alcohol are known to be major causes of homelessness.