Headlines: December 13th, 2000

Two e-businesses have teamed up with the Institute of Public Finance to develop a range of e-learning courses.The first courses will be aimed at local authorities and focus on local government finance, best value and IT skills for local government staff and councillors.

‘Enlighten’ is a joint venture between Epic, already a supplier of on-line training, and Impower, which provides e-delivery solutions to both the public sector and small businesses.

It claims to be the first company dedicated to the provision of sophisticated online training materials for the public sector. The link with the IPF is the first of what the company hopes to be many with professional bodies, in order that a range of recognised training courses be available.

The five million people employed across national and local government, and the NHS, spend 19 million days of the year on training. It is estimated that online learning currently accounts for about 3 per cent of these days, but this figure is expected to rise to over 20 percent within five years.

Links:www.impower.co.uk www.epic.co.uk www.ipf.co.uk.