Headlines: December 15th, 2000

A joint report by the DfEE and Cabinet Office Public Sector Team, “Making a Difference, Reducing School Paperwork”, shows significant progress towards the stated goal of reducing paperwork for English schools.It shows that as a result of a range of measures, which include sending less departmental paperwork to schools and requiring fewer forms to be filled in, a typical school is expected to be saving more than 200 hours of paperwork every year, equivalent to more than a month’s work for one person.

That adds up to a saving of 4.5 million hours annually.

The report also sets out plans for new electronic systems to be introduced to transform the way schools transfer and share information and help teachers plan and monitor pupils’ progress.

By 2002, every school will have electronic access to a range of standard material and systems to transfer and share information without repeated form-filling. The new system, based on electronic pupil records, will be piloted by schools in 20 Local Education Authorities in January. It will mean that when pupils transfer between schools, as a million do every year, a single set of data can transfer with them rendering the current paper transfer form obsolete.