Headlines: December 19th, 2000

The Federation of Electronics Industries, the Department for the Environment Transport and the Regions, the Improvement and Development Agency and local councils are sharing in an initiative to promote e-government. The project, which is funded by the DETR will run until April 2002.The collaborative venture is bringing together a critical mass of councils working in similar ways to take e-government forward at the local level. Some 30 councils are currently involved and this number is expected to rise to over 100.

The project aims to provide support to councils at the different stages of the electronic services development cycle. These include planning aids, benchmarks to allow comparisons of progress and implementation help. Support for cross cutting working is a feature of the project which focuses on the user perspective and emphasises organisational change rather then technological development. The project also supports joint working between industry and councils with help in developing procurement strategies.

A series of regional seminars to report progress and promote collaborative working will be held in January. For details see www.publicnet.co.uk/publicnet/fevents.htm

Link: www.peg.org.uk