Headlines: January 15th, 2001

A partnership between the public and private sector has delivered a project which is aimed to enhance the economic life of the North East of England.The regional development agency One NorthEast has launched a website aimed purely at attracting hi-tech investment, harnessing support from big local businesses such as Shell, Exxon and Mobil.

www.digitallocations.co.uk  will particularly target software, digital media and other e-business companies seeking to establish a high quality European development base for their operations.

The website offers a wide variety of services, with information on property and premises, infrastructure, telecommunications, transport, and key company contacts in the region. It includes a comprehensive database of software and digital media companies across the North East. Entry to the database is free of charge, with each company benefiting from its own page.

One of the key objectives of One NorthEast is to retain and harness the skills and talents of local graduates by seeking to match them with suitable companies.

The website is claimed as a first by a regional development agency.

Partners involved in the Digital Locations project include Digital Media Network, County Durham Development Company, Tees Valley Development Company, Northumberland County Council, Newcastle City Council, Derwentside District Council, Government Office for the North East and Tyne & Wear Development Company (TWeDCo).