Headlines: January 23rd, 2001

The leading accountancy body for public services is surveying finance directors working for councils on the impact of the Local Government Act 2000.The new legislation creates new arrangements for the management of authorities, in particular handing more decision-making to councillors.

CIPFA is concerned that the new act may create short term difficulties and tensions as new arrangements are worked out.

A little over 12 months ago, CIPFA issued a statement on the role of the finance director in local government.

This identified the main ways in which such a figure contributes to the running of a local authority and also set out CIPFA’s views on the position and influence that finance directors should hold.

CIPFA is asking how the new arrangements are working out, before it decides whether to revise its earlier guidance in the light of the new act.

The survey is being circulated direct to finance directors in England and Wales but can also be accessed from the CIPFA website at www.cipfa.org.uk/pt/consultations.html