Headlines: January 23rd, 2001

Research intended to inform the Government’s immigration policy has shown that migrants contribute to the country’s economic growth, do not damage the employment prospects of existing residents, and make a significant social and cultural contribution to the UK.The research, which is some of the first research into the impact of migration in the UK, follows a call last year from the Immigration Minister, Barbara Roche, to see a debate on the issue.

The research was prepared by the Home Office Economics and Resource Analysis Unit with assistance from the Performance and Innovation Unit at the Cabinet Office. It pulls together existing theory and evidence on the social and economic impacts of migration, together with new analysis of other data sources, such as the Labour Force Survey.

One striking observation as a result of the study is how little research has been undertaken in this area. Paul Wiles, Director of the Research Development and Statistics Directorate says that more understanding is needed for the impacts of existing policies affecting migration and migrants, against a backdrop of recent increases in migration to the UK and
the globalisation of labour markets.

The full text of the research is available at: www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/adhocpubs1.html