Headlines: February 2nd, 2001

Adverts in The Guardian, Sunday Times and the enthnic press inviting employers to recommend senior managers to serve in the Department for Employment and Education on secondment, marks a re-launch of the campaign to make diversity a reality in the civil service. Diversity was put on the civil service reform agenda in 1999 as one of six key issues to make the civil service fit for the 21st century. Progress has been slow and it has been difficult to move attitudes on from equal opportunities, which is concerned to eliminate discrimination, to diversity which ensures the organisation reflects society and makes use of all talent.Secondments will be for between 6 months and 2 years. The Department is looking for people with a strong track record in senior management who have proven leadership and communication skills. They also need to be quick at understanding a brief, good at project management and able to work with a range of partners and customers.

The aim of the secondment scheme is to expose the DfEE to wider thinking and new ideas so that the Department can be more forward thinking and inclusive and so meet the needs of modern Government. The benefits for secondees is that they will gain an insight into how national policy on employment and education is developed and rolled out. For employers secondment provides an opportunity to develop their managers from ethnic minorities.

For more information on the Inward Secondment Programme, contact Nancy Haque or Mohan Yogendran at PricewaterhouseCoopers on tel. 020 7804 3895 or e-mail: nancy.haque@uk.pwcglobal.com