Headlines: February 2nd, 2001

Prime Minister Tony Blair has appointed Andrew Pinder to replace Alex Allen, the first E-envoy, who resigned in October last year. The appointment was due to be made in December, but despite a large number of candidates for the 120,000 pounds a year post, it has been difficult to find someone with suitable capabilities. Andrew Pinder has been acting E-envoy since October and it is understood that originally he did not wish to be considered for the post.He brings Government and private sector experience to the job. He spent 18 years in the Inland Revenue and became Director of IT. This was followed by Director of Operations and Technology at Prudential Corporation, and then he was head of European Operations and Technology at Citibank.

Andrew Pinder’s role will be to drive the Government’s UKonline campaign, which aims to make Britain a leading e-commerce nation, ensure universal access to the internet by 2005 and get all Government services online by that date.