Headlines: February 7th, 2001

A booklet detailing where to find the leading local government services in the land has been jointly produced by the DETR and the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA), whose job is to bring up standards in local government.Where to Go and What to See lists the qualities of the second phase of Beacon Councils – so named because they have developed pioneering approaches to providing essential local services – such as tackling vehicle crime, boosting town centre regeneration and securing higher standards of foster care.

The booklet aims to help all councils to learn from the best in local government. Ninety five per cent of councils took advantage of events held up and down the country during the first year of Beacon Status for councils, and this year it’s hoped that all councils will get involved.

This year, 43 Beacon Awards have gone to 39 councils. The award is for a specific area of service, hence some councils get more than one award.

Each council will receive nearly 40,000 pounds to help them disseminate good practice. Where to Go and What to See is available from DETR free literature, PO Box 236, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 7NB. Tel: 0870 1226 236 E-mail: detr@twoten.press.net