Headlines: February 20th, 2001

Universities and colleges in the North East have signed a commitment to joint working with the region’s development agency (RDA).The arrangement covers the sharing of resources for the benefit of the region’s economy.

The RDA One NorthEast says the arrangement recognises the role that universities and colleges play in improving competitiveness of local businesses, enhancing expertise and supporting innovation, as well as raising levels of educational attainment.

The ‘compact’ is intended to encourage knowledge transfer and the use of resources to maximise benefit to the region through research and development, learning, and community and economic development.

Specifically, for the business community this means better access to research and information, for universities and colleges this means better access to the business environment for lecturers and students.

One NorthEast will seek to involve colleges in contributing to new developments at an early stage, as well as persuading more employers to engage with them effectively to determine and satisfy future needs.