Headlines: March 1st, 2001

The London Borough of Camden is re-shaping front-end services to provide one stop shops for customers. The plans provide for personal callers and users of the telephone and Internet.The first Community Access Point is due to be launched next year and it will allow callers to speak face to face with staff to get information and to carry out transactions such as paying council tax.. There will be video conferencing facilities so that callers can deal directly with staff in different locations around the borough. Further Access Centres will be set up in community centers, libraries and purpose built buildings.

Services will also be available by telephone and it is expected that staff will be able to deal directly with some 80 per cent of calls. Contact centers will be open to callers outside normal working hours.

Currently Camden’s website provides information and some transaction processing around the clock. This includes a student award facility which is operated by Impower. There is also a pilot scheme run in conjunction with DataCash to allow the payment of council tax, business rates and parking fines.

A consultation exercise has been launched to publicise the Council’s plans and to get feedback from local people on how they want services to develop. Booklets outlining the vision and questionnaires are being delivered to residents and businesses and the Office for Public Management has been commissioned to survey focus group