Headlines: March 16th, 2001

Warwick University has set up the Institute of Governance and Public Management, on the model of the Kennedy School of Government in the USA. The Institute’s Advisory Board is chaired by Sir John Harman, who also heads the Environment Agency, Health Development Agency, and the National Youth Agency.Education and Employment Secretary David Blunkett speaking at the launching ceremony challenged public servants to transform the way they work and deliver services. He set out his vision for modern government supported by a fast moving, creative public sector able o respond to the demands of an uncertain environment. He stressed that the public sector needs to enhance, release and harness the creativity of people to deliver real change.

The major challenge of the transformation of public services was described by David Blunkett as translating good intentions into new leadership and management practices that address project management, delivery, and teamwork. He pointed out that people have too often worked in silos, divisions and sections never talking to each other.

The role of the Institute is to contribute to the training of the leaders of the future, and to develop management which is hands-on in delivering results. It will support the improvement of public services with research evidence, evaluation, practical policy development work, teaching and education. It will also provide an important source of direct learning for the public sector. Warwick’s Master of Public Administration course provides high-quality leadership and management education for senior policy makers and managers from central, regional and local government and a wide range of public services.