Headlines: March 20th, 2001

The ability to buy homes and land at the click of a computer mouse has moved closer with the publication of a consultation paper and draft legislation on e-conveyancing.Legislation to permit electronic conveyancing documents in England and Wales is seen as an important way of making the UK one of the best environments in the world for e-commerce by 2002 – it will enable the process of conveyancing to become faster and more efficient. This will improve the experience of buying and selling homes and business premises for millions of people each year.

The consultation paper contains draft legislation to permit the use of electronic conveyancing documents, such as contracts, transfers, mortgages and leases. It is available on the Lord Chancellor’s Department website – www.open.gov.uk/lcd.

The current law requires that contracts for the sale of land and legal documents such as trusts transfers and deeds mortgages have to be on pape