Headlines: March 21st, 2001

A conference taking place tomorrow (Thursday, March 22) indicates that local government generally is still talking about the e-revolution, rather than being a part of it.The New Local Government Network, a think tank of modernisers, has joined with the IDeA, the Government sponsored improvement agency for the sector, to attempt to offer a guide to how it’s done.

They say that while pioneering local authorities are doing well, elsewhere senior councillors and officers feel unprepared for the challenge.The conference, Winning the e-Revolution in Local Government, is at The Conference Forum, Aldgate, London.

The NLGN and IDeA will publish a challenging report what needs to be done at national and local level to make the e-revolution a reality in local government.

The conference will also provide delegates with the opportunity to talk to some of the world’s leading e-consultancies, service deliverers and local authorities.

For further details and to book a place contact conference organiser Ann Gregson, Capita Business Services, on 020 7222 5110.
Link: www.nlgn.org.u