Headlines: April 6th, 2001

A new 42 million-pound project will provide digital course material for students studying six key GCSE subjects.The first complete course materials using digital technology will support GCSE teaching in maths. By September 2003 the aim is to provide a wealth of new course material to back up studies in English, French, science, history and geography as well.The project will provide key content for the promised national online library of video files, newspaper cuttings, historical documents, major artworks and other interactive material for every subject in the National Curriculum;

“Curriculum Online” will also feature a 22.5 million pound ‘Cybrarian’ that will use voice recognition to help learners to find the educational materials they need on the internet.

The Government stresses that digital resources will not replace but enhance traditional tried and tested teaching methods. They are planned to encourage pupils to stretch themselves with new ways of learning, giving pupils access to the latest information, great works of art and video clips of key thinkers and writer