Headlines: April 23rd, 2001

Rather in the style of the mobile library for rural areas, some local authorities in Wales are proposing to provide a mobile facility to delivery ICT opportunities for everyone.The concept of “mobile” facilities in which suites of laptop computers would be available at advertised times in different community locations, is one of a series of innovative ideas pitching for funds from the Welsh Assembly’s ICT for Learning Initiative.

Sixteen million pounds will be used to raise standards in schools, improve ICT skills, promote lifelong learning and tackle social disadvantage.

Some of the projects have been put together by community consortia to enable use of the same technology by different groups.

As well as the mobile service projects include new ICT suites for more than 240 secondary, primary and special schools, to be used by adult learners outside school hours, ICT access and learning centres in over 160 venues including village halls, youth clubs, training centres and workshops, primary schools, a local theatre and a rugby club;

There is also a laptop loan scheme for parents and pupils, and to support children in foster homes.