Headlines: April 24th, 2001

Some 250 schemes to make burglary more difficult in high risk areas have produced a 28 per cent reduction in the crime. The schemes, funded by 26 million pounds from the Crime Reduction Budget, now cover 2 million homes across the UK. The funds are being used to make it more difficult for burglars to enter properties, to increase the risk of detection and to make the disposal of goods more hazardous. The anti-burglary measures include locks for doors and windows, doorchains and spyholes, fencing, gates to secure alleyways, better lighting, CCTV and providing property marking kits to allow better tracing of stolen goods.Burglary protection schemes are part of the Crime Reduction Strategy and the focus on this type of crime has provided an impetus to analyse the burglary problem and its causes and bring stakeholders together to secure improvements. Examples of joint working include police, local authorities and other landlords collaborating after a crime to ensure rapid repair of burgled properties to prevent a further break in. Neighborhood schemes are working with offenders to prevent re-offending. Diversionary and outreach facilities are providing for young people living on estates. Crime prevention panels in local schools are retailing crime prevention devices.

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