Headlines: April 30th, 2001

Providing the ‘count me in’ campaign has achieved its goal, every householder in the UK will have completed a Census form by today. Responsibility now passes to Royal Mail which is set to handle up to 27 million freepost envelopes through its system. In terms of the amount of mail involved, this is second busiest time to Christmas.The ten year Census will provide a benchmark for social and economic change in Britain over the next decade. It is a vital resource for planners, managers and marketers throughout the private, public and voluntary sectors. The Census produces two billion items of data, which over the next three years will be broken down to provide more detailed analysis for local authorities and business planners who will use the data to build a demographic picture of the UK, evaluate potential markets and locate new offices, factories and distribution centres. Typically around 45 billion pounds of the government’s annual expenditure is determined by information from the Census – around £750 for each man, woman and child in Britain.

The main results from the Census 2001 will published in December 2002, with more detailed data becoming available from summer 2003. The individual forms will not made public for 100 years.