Headlines: May 1st, 2001

Teacher recruitment difficulties and the reluctance of experienced teachers to apply for headships are two issues responding to a cash injection strategy. The number of graduates applying to train as teachers has increased by 24 per cent and the Teaching Information Line is receiving over 1,000 calls each day. The starting salaries for new teachers are 17,001 pounds outside London rising to 20,001 pounds in inner London. Research has revealed that potential recruits to teaching underestimate the starting salary by more than 20 per cent. Teaching has been made a more attractive profession by introducing training bursaries and golden hellos as well as by paying higher starting salaries. For more experienced teachers there are also management allowances and performance related promotion up to a maximum salary of 31,000 pounds for those who want to stay in the classroom.Figures just published show that over the last year more deputy head teachers applied for head teacher training and that the number of vacancies in head teacher posts is declining. The head teacher role is becoming more attractive as a result of performance related pay. More than half of head teachers will have received annual increases of around 1,000 pounds with those at the top of the leadership scale receiving 1,700 pounds. Most deputies will have received increases of about 500 pounds, with some receiving over 1,000 pounds

In a move to lighten the head teacher load and to give teachers more management experience some 10,000 assistant head teachers have been appointed to the leadership group.