Headlines: May 8th, 2001

A programme has been launched offering ethnic minority undergraduates and graduates the chance to experience at first hand how government departments work. The sixty trainees selected for the programme will take up paid training placements this summer. The initiative is spearheading the drive to demonstrate to potential ethnic minority recruits that the Civil Service can offer an outstanding career option. It is seen as particularly important to dispel the perception that the Civil Service only offers rewarding careers for white, male, middle-class, middle-aged Sir Humphreys.Each trainee’s programme will be tailor made to develop skills and provide an insight into the work of a department. Residential training will add to these skills and provide an overview of working in government.

Although the number of ethnic minority recruits to the Fast Stream has doubled over the past couple of years from 1.6% 2.1%, there is a widesp read belief that the 2004 target for increasing the proportion to reflect the make-up of society in the UK will not be met.

Further information about the scheme can be obtained by e-mail from faststream@cabinet-office.gov.uk   <mailto:faststream@cabinet-office.gov.uk