Headlines: May 25th, 2001

A performance management system that brings together information from many agencies is being pioneer by Birmingham City Pride, a strategic partnership of agencies in the city. The goal of the project is to present information which tracks symptoms and solutions for the major quality of life issues. It achieves this by providing for top-down target setting from central government as well as catering for innovative local approaches to measuring change. A key feature is the capacity to present information in the form of a programme of work to achieve change.The system know as ‘Oi’ is an internet-based application using geographic information to present data from a number of databases in an integrated and visual context. ‘Oi’ can mean either ‘Open Information’ or ‘Oi! We are not achieving change! What are we to do about it?’

It allows the user to select information at levels from citywide, constituency, ward and enumeration districts. Data can be viewed automatically as a thematic layer on the map. Tabular reports can be provided instantly giving information on targets and indicators in the selected area and comparing results against citywide, regional and national figures. These reports can be imported into spreadsheets or other applications. The site also shows the strategies which are intended to make an impact on particular themes or geographic areas, so that the relationship between those strategies and the outcomes shown in the indicators can be scrutinised.

Where the site reveals poor outcomes resulting from agency effort and public expense, it has the capacity to become a tool for holding those agencies to account. It can also be used to model joint planning within particular areas, such as the Neighbourhood Renewal strategy, tracking resource inputs and their outcomes.

Link: www.bhamcitypride.org   <http://www.bhamcitypride.org