Headlines: June 4th, 2001

The need for the public sector to manage risk, market its services, and face the challenge of e-commerce have been identified by a major management centre as the key areas of learning need.They make up the major themes for the summer and autumn open courses offering from Harrogate Management Centre.

Public Sector Risk Management will be held in July and November. It is a one-day course designed to provide professional managers in the public sector with the appropriate tools to create a risk management strategy that can protect the organisation from risk and its consequences.

E-Strategy for the Public Sector will be held in September. Harrogate Management Centre has devised the course by drawing on expertise from working with the public sector and developing e-strategies for a wide range of private sector organisations.

Among the topics, the session will look at reducing high service costs, and mitigating the effects of social exclusion.

Marketing Public Sector Services will in July and November. The course builds on new developments in customer service, the new role of ‘positioning’ in establishing public service performance levels, the marketing implications of cross-agency working, and the role of models of excellence such as the Balanced Scorecard and Business Excellence Model in developing a market profile.

Link: www.hmc.co.uk