Headlines: June 6th, 2001

The chorus of concern about the likelihood of meeting the Government’s target to put all public services on line by 2005 is getting louder. A report to be published later this month by the European Infomatics Markets group is thought to contain a warning to Ministers that the target will not be met.The group, which is made up from a cross-party body of politicians, civil servants and technology companies, believes that the complexity of the task is not fully appreciated. It also believes that there is too great an emphasis on automating existing processes and less concern to find better ways to deliver services.

A similar message comes from Attachmate, the e-business solutions provider. The company believes that the aim of public sector organisations to get their business online before 2005 will be affected by staff not fully appreciating what the Internet can really mean to the business. Their advice is to focus at a grass roots level, educating employees on how to use the Internet to ensure that staff don’t see it as a threat. One solution put forward is that public sector organisations ought to look at lending home PCs to employees, letting them familiarize themselves with the Internet away from the work environment.