Headlines: June 21st, 2001

The Government’s web portal, UK Online, has launched a new area for people who look after someone without payment. ‘Looking after someone’ is aimed at the 6 million people providing support for a friend, relative or partner with physical or mental health problems, learning disabilities or illness.UK Online now provides access to information on services offered by central government, statutory service providers and key organizations in the voluntary and charitable sector. It divides into three key elements: Taking a Caring Role, for those who are new to caring or considering caring; Help In Looking After Someone, for those already in a caring role; and When Your Caring Role Ends.

Within these sections there is information on subjects such as: financial support; practical advice and support; looking after the health and well being of the carer; breaks and respite care; support for young carers at school; information on specific health conditions; alternative caring options and emergency care.

The UK Online site is based around the needs of the user. It links over 1,000 government websites providing information on a wide range of topics. It groups together services and information to help users through key stages in life, under the ‘Life episodes’ section. The life episodes include: Going away; Having a baby; Learning to drive; Dealing with crime; Moving home; Looking for a job; and Death and bereavement.

Link: www.ukonline.gov.uk