Headlines: July 2nd, 2001

The provision of MBAs designed for managers in the public service is more than doubled with the announcement of three new institutions approved to offer the qualification.And there is a new drive from the Head of the Home Civil Service, Sir Richard Wilson, to increase substantially the number of civil servants who go on the flagship courses known as public sector MBAs (PSMBAs).

He said: ‘We need a much stronger commitment to good professional management training at a time when there is so much focus on the quality of public services. The MBA remains the premier business management qualification, and the new MBA for the Public Sector is designed to address the needs of managers in the public service. ‘I want to see many more civil servants going on these courses. The expansion means a better choice in terms of price, location and methods of study for top managers in the public service of tomorrow.’

Prospective PSMBA students will now be able to choose from three new recognised providers – Aston and Birmingham Universities (working together), University of Glasgow Business School, or Warwick Business School.

The two existing providers who will continue to offer their courses are Cranfield School of Management and Imperial College Management School.
Link: www.central-gov-nto.org.uk/links/quali_links.htm