Headlines: July 9th, 2001

Home Office Minister John Denham has challenged all partners in over 400 local crime reduction partnerships to make a full contribution to ensure that they all perform to the level of the best. Persuading all partners, which include local authorities, the probation service, health authorities, the voluntary sector, local business and residents as well as the police, to work together in the common cause of reducing crime is proving difficult.Although there are clear signs that many partnerships have invested considerable energy and enthusiasm, others are failing to deliver. There are problems with about one third of the partnerships, many of whom last year failed to set specific targets for reducing burglary and vehicle crime. They were brought into line by a grand tour of the country by Jack Straw, who was Home Secretary at that time, and his ministers.

John Denham has told the partnerships that their top priorities are reducing violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse and repeat offending. To help them share in best practice a further batch of on line toolkits have been made available. They offer help and advice on tackling repeat victimisation; business and retail crime; crime hotspots and producing audits of local crime.

Toolkits are already available on robbery; alcohol related crime; rural crime, vehicle crime; domestic burglary and anti-social behaviour. Further kits will be ready this summer on domestic violence, drug related offending, intelligence and information sharing, illicit markets, racial crime and harassment, prostitution, dysfunctional families, sexual offences and mentally disordered offenders.

Link: <http://www.crimereduction.gov.uk>

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