Headlines: July 11th, 2001

The Government has unveiled the next ‘life episode’ on its website intended to act as a single gateway to the public services.Minister for Pensions Ian McCartney says the new section of ukonline covering pensions and retirement offers a comprehensive guide leading up to and through retirement. It covers planning for retirement, approaching retirement, reaching statutory retirement and being retired, whether voluntary or statutory.

www.ukonline.gov.uk  was launched by the Prime Minister in September 2000. It links over 1,000 government websites and under the headings of ‘life episodes’, groups together services and information to help people through key stages of their lives. Other life episodes include looking after someone and having a baby.

The ‘life episodes’ demonstrate Government thinking on using new technology not just to replicate services already in existence, but to use the opportunity to order them in a customer-facing way – organised for the customer’s convenience rather than by service structure.