Headlines: July 18th, 2001

Education and Skills Secretary Estelle Morris has announced plans to develop a new schools innovation unit to search for radical new ways to deliver higher standards in primary and secondary schools. The unit will work with successful schools in developing new ideas for raising standards and improving the way schools work and it will help schools and teachers lead the process of reform.The unit will be a catalyst for generating fresh thinking and it will evaluate radical approaches to teaching, learning and school management. It will feed out information to heads teachers on what works best.

Teachers will be able to draw on the unit as a resource, and take advantage of the models of good practice and innovation. They will also be able to use over a thousand lesson plans that are due to go online.

The unit will play a co-coordinating role with Beacon and Specialist schools in seeking to unlock creative thinking. It will also promote study support centres, such as the one at Leeds United, where primary and secondary pupils can learn after school, at weekends and in the holidays in a fun environment.