Headlines: July 30th, 2001

Although surveys of local councils continue to show that a significant proportion have not yet devised strategies for e-government, more evidence continues to emerge that others have reached the implementation stage.The 29,000 council tax payers in Weymouth and Portland will shortly join those in the Bracknell Forest Borough Council area by gaining online access to their accounts, including the ability to make payments. They will be able to view pages showing how much they owe and when installments are due. It is planned to extend the facility to Business Rate payers. In a later development benefit claimants will be able to check how their benefit has been calculated and when payments are due. The system has been installed by Academy Information Systems.

Moving eastwards along the south coast of England, Portsmouth City Council is about to install a network that will replace a legacy system giving low capacity expensive connections with a high capacity central backbone. The new network will connect all remote sites to the civic centre and provide a new finance system and internet-based training courses. In a later phase smaller schools will get internet access and customer service desks will be linked to a centralised Customer Relationship Management and data warehouse systems. The network has been installed by MASE which is part of neoscorp.