Headlines: July 31st, 2001

A new study is to find – and recommend removal of – the barriers that stop community groups getting public money to boost their areas.The regional co-ordination unit (RCU) in the Cabinet Office will be responsible for the study, and will develop practical proposals to put to the Prime Minister at the end of November.

The feeling is that local community groups know what their needs are – but often find it difficult to get their hands on the money to make change.

At the same time, with regeneration a priority, the money is there to support turnaround communities.

In an attempt to glean what’s best from other initiatives, the new project will learn from projects like the Home Office Active Community Unit’s work on Funding Community Groups, and existing schemes, like the Lottery distributors’ Awards for All. Community and voluntary sector organisations are assisting in the study.

The RCU, established in April 2000, acts as the centre of operations for the nine Government Offices for the Regions. Link: www.rcu.gov.uk