Headlines: August 2nd, 2001

The Association of Colleges has teamed up with a new firm, E-Government Solutions (eGS), to provide 440 further education colleges in the UK with electronic procurement.The deal puts colleges on target to meet Government demands targets for purchasing online.

The project will lead to the creation of FEOnline (www.feonline.net), an internet portal supporting an electronic procurement system and online resources. Colleges will be able to purchase everything from stationery and IT equipment to minibuses through FEOnline.

eGS says the deal will save colleges a hundred million pounds a year, based on savings such as reducing transaction costs from an average of 75 pounds per unit to as little as 10 pounds.

E-Government Solutions (eGS) is a new set-up in the UK, led by former Deloitte Consulting partner, Ian Busby.

eGS is the UK arm of NIC – a US e-government player with ten years experience of delivering online public services.

Link: www.egsgroup.com