Headlines: August 2nd, 2001

A project to put street wardens into rundown areas is to be extended to quarter of a million households.DLTR is offering to pump fifty million pounds into 100 new schemes around the country, following the success of 85 pilots.

The new schemes will build on the examples of projects already up and running in places like Merton in London, Knowsley, Portsmouth, Hull and Manchester.

Commonly the wardens provide a uniformed presence for residents on local streets and in public spaces. Their workload though is tailored to local need – some work on the physical appearance of streets and open spaces, others work on preventing low-level crime and disturbance.

The Government sees these new wardens as something of a return to the trusted and visible characters such as park keepers and caretakers, whose presence prevented dog fouling, litter-strewn streets, graffiti covered buildings, fear of crime and loutish behaviour.

The wardens work in partnership with the Police, and in Avon and Somerset, the force has acted as the leading partner in employing parish wardens to reduce fear of crime in rural areas.

Local communities have until September 25 to come up with bids for the latest money available – but they must work with their local authority and police authority in drawing up their scheme.

Link: www.dtlr.gov.uk